Requesting Funds from the Booster Club

The Dayton Pirates Booster Club has established the following guidelines to request funds for your sport or extracurricular activity.  Please read the information found below carefully.  If you have questions please contact the club president at


Funding Guidelines

One of the primary objectives of the Pirate Booster Club is to “provide financial support to Dayton High School extracurricular activities”.  We accomplish this goal by providing a platform for team clothing sales with the proceeds returning to the team, through paying concession stand fees back to the activity that staffs the stand, and by distributing the proceeds from our Crab Feed & Casino Night via funding request.  The funding request process is as follows:

  1. The adviser or coach of the activity must complete the application and return it to the Pirate Booster Club either by email,, or to the Booster Club school mailbox at Dayton High School. 
    1. There are three deadlines for funding requests corresponding to the three season’s for sports teams.  They are as follows:
      1. Fall - September 15
      2. Winter - December 15
      3. Spring - March 15
  2. The application will be considered at the next Pirate Booster Club meeting; typically held on the first Wednesday of the month.  The request for funding will be scheduled as an agenda item at that meeting.
  3. One (or more) student representatives of the activity, and the coach or adviser who submitted the funding request, must be present at that meeting to present their request to the Booster Club for discussion.  The coach or adviser will be notified, via email, of the time and place of the Booster Club meeting to discuss the funding request.
  4. Discussion of requests will follow the presentation at the same meeting.  A motion may be made to approve the request or postpone for further information.
  5. Voting criteria for funding will be based on whether or not the request meets some or all of the following criteria:
    1. Is for the sole benefit of Dayton School District students participating in a sport/activity.
    2. Promotes a spirit of sportsmanship, responsibility, and enthusiasm among the students and/or supporters of Dayton activities.
    3. Aids and assists in the development or enhancement of Dayton School District sports or activities.
  6. The requester may not be present during the voting process for funds.  Only paid members of the Dayton Pirate Booster Club may vote on fund disbursement.
  7. Once a request is approved funds will be released to the club or activity via the school’s finance office.  The fund disbursement will happen within five working days of the approval.  If other arrangements need to be made to meet a certain deadline that will need to be included in the funding request and presentation.
  8. Should the funding requests exceed the funds available requests may be partially granted or approved and postponed to the next funding period. 


The cover sheet on the right is to be attached to each application.  As you can see, you, as the coach or adviser, need to complete the first two rows.  The school athletic director OR principal is to review and sign in the second row prior to forwarding the entire application to the Booster Club.  Please click on the image to print it.  If you are unable to print the image please contact the Booster Club at


The application form is on the left.  Please click on the image to print it.  If you are unable to print please contact the Booster Club at