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January 9, 2019 Meeting Minutes

6:00 PM, Dayton

1. Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM by President Reba Stoller.

2. Attendance was taken and a voting quorum was present: Molly Arce, Tiffany

Ashley, Marla Bunn, Jennifer Hernandez, Megan Shirley, Heather Oliveira, Reba

Stoller, and Ty Stoller.

3. Treasurer’s Report - Tiffany reported that we presently have over $8,100 in the

account. Soccer apparel was recently paid. Basketball tournament pulled in

more money than expected.

4. Casino Night & Crab Feed

4.1. Date/Time - Saturday, February 9th at the Yamhill County Events

Center/Fairgrounds. Molly has confirmed with YCEC and Tiffany has paid

for the rental. Molly will pick up the key and asked to have the heat turned

up ahead of time. We will need to enter the event center no later than

4:00 pm, dinner ready to serve at 5:00 pm (much will need to be done day

of in order to start on time).

4.2. Ticket Sales - No tickets have been sold. Tickets to be sold at home

basketball games. Ticket prices: $60 each at the door, $50 each pre-sale,

and two for $90 presale. Discount tickets will be available to coaches and

advisors at $40 each (two ticket max). $20 casino money is included with

each ticket.

4.3. Casino Table Sponsorship Update - levels of sponsorship determined:

$250 Prize Table Sponsor with logo, $500 Casino Table Sponsor receives

two dinner tickets, and $750 Casino Table Sponsor receives six meal


4.3.1. Click here for the 2018 Casio Sponsor Spreadsheet . Board

members are asked to document contact details in the live

spreadsheet. Sponsors will need to be confirmed by next meeting.

4.3.2. Raffle items can be gathered after sponsorship donations have

been made. Prize Table Sponsor donations can be used for raffle


4.4. Advertising - Reba has placed signs in high traffic areas and will be

taking more signs to place at stores and throughout the community this

week. Members asked to reshare the Facebook event post regularly.

4.5. Casino - Reba is submitting the gaming license with the State of Oregon

Dept. of Justice.

4.6. Decor - Megan will get supplies donated from Molly and meet with Caitie

Stoller to see what else they need to order. (Mirrors and candles are at

Molly's.) Molly will contact Heidi about pipe and drape and Isaac for the

lights. Table sponsor banners will be pinned to the drapes.

4.7. Emcee/Music - Molly has confirmed Efrain Arredondo for music.

4.8. Volunteers - Reba is starting a spreadsheet to track volunteers and will

need names and phone numbers. Patty Elliott and Sunny Bowlin have

already volunteered to help.

4.9. Prizes - Ty - gun or pistol, TV, one more big prize: glass fire pit (Caleb

Kearns), Jamie Oliveira original workworking, 2019-2020 family game

pass, booster club basket,Top Golf among the suggestions.

4.10. Food & Beverages - see action items sheet for assignments.

4.10.1. Molly staying in contact with crab people. We will order 150# again.

Gallon bags will be needed to put extra crab in to sell.

4.10.2. Members can request free swipers from Square.

4.10.3. Chicken - 125# needed.

4.10.4. Pasta Salad - to be donated by Lonestar.

4.10.5. Potato Salad - donated by The Sage.

4.10.6. Cesar Salad - Cash & Carry, use 5 gal. buckets to mix.

4.10.7. Butter - 16# needed, melted in crock pots.

4.10.8. Brownies a la mode - 10 boxes, 10x13 pans, 2x5 gal. vanilla ice


4.10.9. Bread - 25 garlic bread loaves.

4.10.10. Coffee - to be brewed in two percolators, start early.

4.10.11. Alcohol: Beer - 2 pony kegs from Golden Valley, 1 keg Ty; Wine -

Molly working on donations; Cider - small keg donated by Carlton

Cider Works. Mulled Cider was suggested. Pre-sell drink tickets -

$5 each or 6 for $25. Tiffany will sell and take tickets for alcohol in

the casino. Tab cards with personal info to contact: name, phone,

address, index cards with alphabet tabs in a box.

4.10.12. Reba will look into donation requests from Safeway/Albertsons,

Safeway, BiMart, and Roth’s to cover cost of bread, butter,

brownies, aluminum pans, etc. Last year from Cash & Carry for about $130: cutlery, plates,

bowls, napkins, foil pans, wine cups, regular cups, coffee,

lemonade, butter cups, and vinyl gloves. Add to the list to purchase/bring: wet wipes, more napkins,

crock pots, table cloths, red & black balloons, crab bibs and

casino balloons from amazon, and knives to slice bread.

5. Concessions Update - Groups have been covering the concessions adequately

for the few home games we have. Only one league Friday night game. Potential

for home playoff games.

6. New Business - No new business discussed.

7. Funding Requests - None submitted.

8. Meeting Adjourned - Next meeting Wednesday January 30, 2019, 6:30 pm at

4101 NE Henry Creek Rd., Dayton.

9. Minutes submitted by Megan Shirley, 1/19/2019